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Following your CBT (Compulsary Basic Training), the next step down the road to get your full motorcycle licence is to do your theory test and hazard perception test.

If you go to Directgov website, you can find out the current cost of the theory test, you can also find your nearest test centre and even book and pay for it on-line.

I booked my theory test for Friday 12th August 2011, which gave me two weeks to study for it. I was quite confident of passing my theory test as I had previously passed my advanced car driving test with the Institute of Advanced Motorists. However, I passed my driving test before the Hazard Perception test was a part of the driving test.

Of course, the first thing I got to help me was the official book from the DVLA – I found this too much to read through, but handy for my wife to quiz me with.

I then got a ‘UK Motorcycle theory test’ app for my Android Tablet – I found this handy to do practice tests, I find it easier to learn by doing it and learning the things that I get wrong. The only problem with this was that there appeared to be a few seconds of blank video at the start of each video clip, so I didn’t know if there was anything happening during this blank period that I would be marked on.

I then decided to spend £6.99 on 20 days access to a specialist Hazard perception website (http://www.hazardperceptionchallenge.co.uk/). I was surprised that not only do they have hazard perception tests but also the mock theory tests. They also teach you what is counted as a hazard. With mock tests for motorcycle and car, fantastic resource. I would recommend this to anyone.

Unfortunately, I kept getting low scores, not because I did not see the hazard. The reason for my low scores was because I was noticing too many hazards and reacting too quickly. The test on this site have a review function, so you can see when you clicked and when you should have clicked. I was receiving 0 points instead of 5 points becuse I reacted 1 second before it scored maximum points.

After using this site, I learned to wait for a second or two to click the mouse. This way I generally got 4 or 5 out of 5 rather than 0.

On the day of my motorcycle theory and hazard perception tests I did some research to find out where the nearest free parking for motorbikes was to the test centre. I gave myself plenty of time and rode down there. I then went in and had to show my driving licence etc to them. They registered me for the test. The people there were very rude and dismissive, I am not used to being treated like that, and I made it obvious that I was not happy with them. Anyway, I had a test to take and was trying to get in the zone. I felt so old as I was surrounded by 17 and 18 year olds, trying to do their first licence.

I was put in front of the computer and took the oportunity to do the practice tests and see the tutorial that they had. Once I started, I took my time, reading each question carefully and then looking at each answer. Don’t get me wrong, the theory test is not difficult, but I had come close to failing my mock tests because I did not read the question correctly or I thought it was too obvious.

Once I had done all of the questions, I then went back through all of them to ensure that I agreed with my previous answer.

I then took the hazard perception test. Following the first group of hazard perception tests I got a message on the screen that said that all of my points for that group of tests had been removed for ‘Inappropriate use of the mouse’. I presume this means that I clicked too many times. This concerned me because not matter how well I did on the theory test, if I did not pass the hazard perception test, I would not pass.

I decided that I would have to be more careful. I should only click when it was a definate and obvious hazard. I also had to also remember to click a second or so after I see the hazard. I composed myself and continued. The hazard perception test seemed to go quite smoothly after that.

After the test was over, I left the room and went back to the  waiting room. The man said that it would take a few minutes for my results to come out. He was still very rude with his tone and I felt that I could be rude back to him now. After all the test was over, what could he do?

I got my results with a very dull, “There are your results, you seem to have passed”. There was no “You’ve passed, Congratulations, there is your certificate”. They are so dull and rude at that place, I would recommend and one taking their theory test in Cambridge to be aware that the staff are rude and dismissive and not to let them put you off your stride.

I looked at my certificate which stated that I scored 50 out of 50 on the theory test, the pass mark for the theory test was 43. For the hazard perception I scored 55 out of 75, the mass mark for the hazard perception test was 44. This was a good result.

I left there rather quickly and came home. I found a note from my wife saying that she was at the pub with friends and I should joing them when I got back. We celebrated with beer and a curry later.


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After you have passed your CBT (Compulsary Basic Training), you can ride a motorcycle on the roads in the UK.

The CBT (Compulsary Basic Training) certificate lasts for 2 years and until you have passed your full motorcycle test you must:

* only ride a motor ycle up to 125 cc
* always have  ‘L’ plates front and back
* not carry a pillion passenger
* not to ride on the motorway

To get your full motorcycle licence you need to take three further tests:

* Motorcycle theory and hazard perception tests
* Module 1 (off road test)
* Module 2 (on road test)

You have to pass both Module 1 and Module 2 on the same CC motorbike. If you are over 21 and go down the Direct Access route, then you will not be ristricted to any size of motorbike once you have passed both Modules. This means that legally you can buy and ride any motorbike as long as you have tax, insurance and the motorbike has a current MOT certificate.

If you are under 21 years old or pass your Module 1 and Module 2 or you pass them on a motorbike under 46bhp eg a 125CC or 250CC, then you can only ride a bike that is under 33bhp for two years. You can buy a bike that has any bhp, but you must have a limiter professionally fitted to limit it to 33bhp, which is kind of like de-fanging a lion. After your two year restriction, you will be unrestricted and will be able to ride any size motorbike.

I think I will do the Direct Access, then I will not be limited to which bike I get. Life is too short.

Camrider, which is one of my local motorcycle training companies have a winter offer on, which is 25% off until February 2012. I think I will be taking this up as it brings the price of the 4 session Direct Access down to £315.

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