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After you have passed your CBT (Compulsary Basic Training), you can ride a motorcycle on the roads in the UK.

The CBT (Compulsary Basic Training) certificate lasts for 2 years and until you have passed your full motorcycle test you must:

* only ride a motor ycle up to 125 cc
* always have¬† ‘L’ plates front and back
* not carry a pillion passenger
* not to ride on the motorway

To get your full motorcycle licence you need to take three further tests:

* Motorcycle theory and hazard perception tests
* Module 1 (off road test)
* Module 2 (on road test)

You have to pass both Module 1 and Module 2 on the same CC motorbike. If you are over 21 and go down the Direct Access route, then you will not be ristricted to any size of motorbike once you have passed both Modules. This means that legally you can buy and ride any motorbike as long as you have tax, insurance and the motorbike has a current MOT certificate.

If you are under 21 years old or pass your Module 1 and Module 2 or you pass them on a motorbike under 46bhp eg a 125CC or 250CC, then you can only ride a bike that is under 33bhp for two years. You can buy a bike that has any bhp, but you must have a limiter professionally fitted to limit it to 33bhp, which is kind of like de-fanging a lion. After your two year restriction, you will be unrestricted and will be able to ride any size motorbike.

I think I will do the Direct Access, then I will not be limited to which bike I get. Life is too short.

Camrider, which is one of my local motorcycle training companies have a winter offer on, which is 25% off until February 2012. I think I will be taking this up as it brings the price of the 4 session Direct Access down to £315.


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